Just Dial VoIP™ Broadband Phone Services

 is a leading edge technology that transforms your high-speed Internet connection into a regular phone line. But unlike old Internet phone technology, you don't need headphones, software or even a computer. You simply connect your existing phone to your ADSL/cable modem using our adapter and you can start making and receiving calls right away. That's all! No technician appointments, no activation fees! Here's an illustration of how it works:

JustVoIP comes with your own phone number and it works just like any regular phone line. You can call anyone and anybody can call you. You have the option of using the number we provide you or keep your existing number. Best of all, JustVoIP is on average, 45% cheaper than your current phone company.

Another benefit of using JustVoIP is portability. JustVoIP gives you the freedom to move your phone line anywhere, anytime you want. You can receive phone service anywhere in the world, all you need is high-speed Internet access. No technician setup is required and no expensive reconnect fees.