Tel3 Advantage International Long Distance Calling Cards

Tel3 Advantage™ was created in 1994 and is a service that provides users with unprecedented low international and domestic calling rates. TEL3™ serves more than 100,000 customers and is known as one of the fastest rising long distance service providers in the industry. We take pride in being able to give small to mid-size companies the ability to prosper in today’s economy and look forward to helping them stay effortlessly connected.

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We will connect your International calls via our TEL3 Advantage platform so you’ll only pay pennies per minute on each call. In order to connect to our Platform, you need to either dial an access number or use our App with your cell phone. Calls from either your cell phone or your office/home phone are debited from your prepaid TEL3 Advantage account. Plus it’s easy to monitor your savings. 

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No minimum charges, no maintenance fees, No expiry dates, No connection fees or any other charges. Online detailed monthly payment and call history. 24 hours Customer support available in 6 languages. 

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