Prepaid Phone Cards


Prepaid Phone Cards

Pre-paid phone cards provide telephone time that you pay for before you make your calls. They may be purchased in a number of dollar or minute increments. Pre-paid phone cards contain a toll-free access telephone number and a personal identification number (PIN).

There are many advantages to pre-paid phone cards. First, pre-paid cards for international services generally offer discounted rates. In addition, they are sold at convenient places such as newsstands, post offices, and stores. Moreover, consumers who do not have residential long distance telephone service can use these cards. Some cards also have features such as speed dialing for frequently called numbers and activity reports for frequently called numbers. Finally, these cards allow callers to pay for calls in advance, rather than running up high bills that must be paid at a later time.

However, consumers still need to be careful when using pre-paid phone cards. Pre-paid cards sometimes have hidden costs. For example, some cards appear to charge by the minute, but also add a fee for each call. When choosing a pre-paid card, read the fine print on the card’s label.

Consumers need to be aware that many pre-paid cards contain expiration notices – for example: "This card expires on 12/31/02." Also, most pre-paid phone cards contain notices stating that the company issuing the phone card is not responsible for stolen or lost cards.

Call the company that produces the card to get information about all charges associated with international calling. Remember, because you pay in advance, you may lose money if you have problems when using these cards. Get all the information you can beforepurchasing these cards

How Prepaid Phone Cards work?

What industry is expected to reach $10 billion in sales by 2010? Information technology? Nope. Healthcare? Wrong again. Calling cards? You've got it! The prepaid phone card industry is experiencing phenomenal growth lately, and we'd like to tell you how these communication gems work, so you can get in on the excitement.

Also included on this web site are some interesting factoids on the history of prepaid calling cards, plus a glossary of phone card terms and definitions.

Why use a prepaid calling card?

Prepaid calling cards were invented in Italy in 1975 in response to a coin shortage. Invented for the convenience of their users, calling cards are widely used today as an inexpensive alternative to "landline," or home phone services.

For the past decade, long distance phone service has been an incredibly competitive market, but not everybody wants to pay to have full-time long distance in their home or business. This is where the phone card comes in. One of the biggest advantages to prepaid calling cards is that you only pay for the minutes you use. So, instead of paying a monthly fee plus a per-minute rate, you pay just a per-minute rate. Even better, that per-minute rate is often lower than anything you can get using your home or business phone line. You can also purchase additional minutes by phone or on the Internet, which provides added convenience to prepaid phone card users.

Prepaid calling cards are so popular that some companies even supply them to their employees as a company benefit, or provide employees with calling cards to use while traveling for business. Doing this provides benefits not only to employees, but to the company as well, as spending cal be tracked easily, and a record tracking the calls made by the phone card user is readily available online.

The biggest draw of prepaid calling cards is their convenience. They can be used anytime, anywhere. You can be at home, in your office at work, in your hotel room, or even at a pay phone. An additional convenience that prepaid phone card suppliers have added is that you can purchase an international phone card on the Internet. Purchasing over the Internet can mean instant phone card activation. And with this system, you don't even need a card - all you need is your access number.

Below, you'll find the most frequently asked questions about prepaid calling cards. Here you'll also find all the answers.

How do I use a prepaid phone card?

Using a prepaid phone card is as easy as dialing home. These simple steps are standard when using a prepaid phone card:

  1. You will receive an 800 number and your PIN.
  2. Dial the 800 number, which is your access number.
  3. Listen for the voice instructions.
  4. Enter your PIN number on the push-button phone.
  5. You'll hear information on your current balance on the card.
  6. Dial your destination number
It's just that simple. And keep in mind, each time you use your card, you are paying significantly less than you would pay for permanent long-distance service. The beauty of prepaid calling cards is that they essentially provide you with a portable long-distance service that you can use for national, international or cell phone calls. You can use your card to talk to family, friends, or business associates anywhere in the world. Different cards will give you the ability to call different countries.

How Prepaid Phone Cards Can Help You Stay in Touch

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of prepaid phone cards, read on. These cards have many advantages over other forms of communication. If you doubt how effective they can be consider this all too common scenario.

Have you ever been traveling in another country and needed to make a quick phone call? If so you may have found yourself fumbling for change, trying to figure out the local currency and at the same time trying to make sense of an unfamiliar phone. Perhaps you used your cell phone for those overseas calls, only to wake up to a huge bill for roaming charges and service fees when you returned home. If you have ever faced such a situation you already know how frustrating it could be. Fortunately for harried travelers and others there is an easier way. Prepaid phone cards offer all the conveniences of modern communication without any of the drawbacks.

Instead of high roaming charges, users of prepaid phonecards pay a set per minute rate. Instead of a big cell phone bill to welcome them home, travelers can keep in touch with loved ones at home without worrying about the cost. And instead of deciphering the local currency callers can simply punch in the number on their prepaid phonecard, dial the number and start talking.

Prepaid phone cards are a vital link in the global communications chain, and these cards are a popular choice for travelers, business people and every day users. Travelers in particular can benefit from the fixed costs, ease of use and convenience of these prepaid phonecards. Keeping in touch while traveling can often be difficult, and calling home can be quite costly. This is especially true for travelers who are trekking through Europe, Asia or other far off locales. Depending on the plan it can be quite costly to communicate via cell phone, and there are often compatibility issues to deal with as well.

Travelers who opt for the convenience and set cost of a prepaid phone card can rest assured that they will be able to keep in touch with loved ones back home, share stories of the road and communicate as need be during their holiday. Instead of worrying about high cell phone charges and coverage issues those travelers can enjoy a set per minute cost. . This is a great way to keep the travel budget under control and keep track of ongoing expenses.

Keeping track of ongoing expenses is also important for those in the world of business, and prepaid phone cards are a great way to keep those expenses at a minimum. . Cell phones can be great for communication but they can also be costly, especially for those businessmen and businesswomen who frequently travel overseas. Those charges can quickly add up, and many businesspeople opt to avoid those charges through the use of prepaid phonecards.

The security of cell phone communications is another important consideration for the traveling businessperson, and another reason to use a phonecard whenever possible. Cell phones are simply not as secure as landlines, and many business executives prefer to use a landline and a phone card for sensitive communication while on the road. With just a little bit of off the shelf equipment and some knowledge thieves can listen in on the cell phone calls of others, and this is a particular concern to those who work in international finance and other types of businesses. The availability of phone cards makes it easy for those high powered business executives to keep in touch without any of those security concerns.

Of course it is not only high powered business executives who need phone cards. Ordinary people are also rightly concerned about the privacy, and the cost of cell phone communication. For those users prepaid phonecards make a good alternative, and more and more ordinary people are discovering the many capabilities of these great communication devices.

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