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US Calling Cards for Long Distance Calling in US - 1.9 ¢/min

Just Dial US Calling Cards is a rechargeable prepaid calling card accessible from over 65 countries in the world.

Pin free dialing from up to 8 phone lines! Simply provide the phone numbers from where you will be making the calls, Dial our toll-free number, listen to your account balance and enter the phone number of the person you want to call! We will also provide you with a pin number in case you want to make a call from a pay phone or a hotel room.

Just Dial US Calling Card offers one minute rounding, No minimum charges, no maintenance fees, No expiry dates, No connection fees or any other charges.

Your US long distance account can be recharged within seconds over the internet.

No need to change your long distance provider!

Just Dial Calling Cards US can be used from any phone line. Can be used from cellular phones, home, office, pay phone, hotel rooms, etc. for Calling US.

Online detailed monthly payment and call history.

24 hours Customer support available in 6 languages.

Sign up today for your Long Distance US account.

Sign Up Now or Call 1-877-884-4655 (toll free) Mon to Fri - 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM (PST) for full details.
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