Long Distance Agent Programs (Affiliate Program)


Long Distance Agent Program - Unlimited residual income with no cap on earnings - Join now for FREE!

Earn immediate and unlimited income with the most competitive commission structures in the industry!

Just Dial's partners are critical to providing customers with the complete solutions they need. We pride ourselves on our agent excellence, reliability, performance, support, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and service. Our programs are tailored to your needs so you can focus on what's important to you and your business.

We understand that the growth of our company goes hand in hand with the growth of our agents and we like nothing more than to see our partners exceed their customer's expectations.

Agent Program Benefits

Simple - competitive commission program with no strings attached.
Competitive rate plans for your market to keep you in the lead.

The TEL3Advantage Agent Program pays you a bounty on sign up and recharge commissions on customers that are referred to TEL3Advantage's prepaid long distance services, owing to your marketing efforts. In order to track your signups and recharges, we will assign you a promotion code which you can add to your links or offline marketing materials like flyers, brochures.

As a TEL3Advantage agent, you are authorized to promote the TEL3Advantage Flex Plan, TEL3Business Plan and TEL3 Mobile Plan with your agent promotion code.

Flex Plan

Sign Up Commissions - Performance based - the more customers, the higher the bounty per customers.

Recharge Commission
- Volume based - the more recharges, the higher the % of payout.

Recharge commissions for TEL3Advantage sales will be dispersed 100% within the customers' first 30 months of service. To receive 100% on the recharge commissions after 30 months, agents need to secure $500 monthly sales revenue (minimum quota) on any TEL3 products. If the minimum quota is not met, 20% of the earned commission will be paid for the customers with more than 30 months lifetime.

Payments will be made to you weekly via ACH (US agents) or the International Debit Card (Canada agents).

All US agents will get paid by ACH when they reach $50 commission balance. All TEL3Advantage Canadian Agents who reach $50 commission level will get the Global Cash Debit Card for commission payments. A $10 set up fee associated with the card will be applied and deducted from future commissions. When you reach $50 commission balance your first commission payment will be directly deposited to your Debit Card automatically.

Please note that the information above is only a summary of the commission structure; other terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to learn all the details and terms about the Program and the Commission payments.

Want To Recruit Agents

We also offer two level commission plan so for every agent who signs up with your efforts to our Program, and their underlying agents will be associated with you. So when they generate sales, you will be rewarded as well. With this structure everybody wins.

Sign Up Commissions

Recharge Commissions

How to Become an Agent

Complete the Online Agent Application Form.
Upon activation, an account manager will provide all necessary support and training.

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